Our Sotheby's specialists evaluate property based on its characteristics such as the artist or maker, country of origin, provenance, date of execution, materials, dimensions, rarity, subject matter or type, and condition. We also consider comparable sales and past performance of works by the same and similar artists.

If your property is identified as suited for sale within the current market, a non-binding estimate will then be sent to you via email for you to accept or reject. Once you accept the estimate, our specialists will contact you to sign a Consignment Agreement which will outline the specific terms of the sale of your property. 

You can message our specialists at any point during the submission process if you have any questions using the message feature from the Seller Portal. To access the seller portal, log in to your account, hover your mouse over the 'My Account' button, then click 'Seller Portal'.

A reserve price will be established for each item of property, which will be set at or below the low estimate. This is designed to ensure that your property does not sell below the agreed-upon price and is strictly confidential.