At Sotheby's, we strive to provide timely responses to all enquiries. You can expect to receive a preliminary estimate within 15 to 20 business days of submitting your item. 

Our Sotheby's specialists evaluate property based on its characteristics such as the artist or maker, country of origin, provenance, date of execution, materials, dimensions, rarity, subject matter or type, and condition. We also consider comparable sales and past performance of works by the same and similar artists.

Please note that in certain cases, such as when an item requires additional research or consultation, more time may be needed to provide an accurate estimate. Given the importance of your property, we are committed to provide the most thorough and accurate information possible, and will update you on the status of your submission throughout.

If you have any questions, or the submission process is taking longer than expected, do not hesitate to log in to the Seller Portal and use the message tab.