Requesting an estimate is a great first step in understanding the value of your item, even if you are not yet ready to sell it. We understand the importance of providing the information you need to make informed decisions and therefore offer a free and non-binding process for submitting your item through our 'SELL' page. There is no obligation to sell with us.  

Our Sotheby's specialists evaluate property based on its characteristics such as the artist or maker, country of origin, provenance, date of execution, materials, dimensions, rarity, subject matter or type, and condition. We also consider comparable sales and past performance of works by the same and similar artists.

If you decide to sell your item in the future, whether at auction, privately or immediately with Buy Now, you will already have an idea of its estimated market value, and our specialists will be ready to assist you with the next steps. Once you accept the estimate, our specialists will contact you to sign a Consignment Agreement which will outline the specific terms of the sale of your property.