Protecting our clients’ personal data is of the utmost importance to us, and this remains our greatest priority as part of our goal of delivering a best-in-class client experience when buying and selling art and luxury goods with Sotheby’s.   

What we do

We use state of the art security measures to safeguard data from access by unauthorized persons, and to prevent unauthorized disclosure.

  • All registration, client profile, email subscriptions and catalogue purchase pages are password-protected. We use industry-standard browser security to encrypt the pages of our website that contain personal information and protect that data as it is sent between your computer and our website.

  • Passwords are encrypted in our database, and access is highly restricted. 

  • We use multiple security layers, including firewalls and encryption, to protect our databases.

  • We are continually auditing and upgrading our systems as new technology is made available and in response to newly discovered threats.

What you can do


Be aware. As online interactions increase, so do cybercrimes. Here are some steps you can take to keep your information safe: 

  • Know that Sotheby’s will never request your credit card or bank account number or sensitive information via email, phone or text message. Do not reply to any such communications that appear to come from Sotheby’s about amended bank details that require payment details via email, phone or text.

  • If you receive an email or other communication purporting to be from Sotheby’s or any of our personnel and you have doubts about the origin of the communication, contact us immediately to confirm its legitimacy. 

  • If you have any questions about how to pay for purchases you have made from us, get in touch with your Sotheby’s relationship manager or use the contact information below. 

Never hesitate to contact us if you have concerns or specific questions about security.