After the auction has closed and your invoice has been issued, you can select from a range of shipping options when making your payment online. Sometimes a shipping quote may not be available immediately, due to size or weight limitations, property value or the shipping destination. In these cases, Post-Sale Services will prepare a quote within the week.  

Please review all details with care, in particular the delivery address, to ensure that your purchase reaches the correct location. Verifying your shipping preferences prior to the closing of the auction will help to avoid unnecessary delays or complications in generating your quote.  Your account details can be viewed and updated at any time online by visiting


Unless otherwise agreed by Sotheby’s, all purchased lots that have not been collected within 30 calendar days (or 60 calendar days if the buyer is a Sotheby’s Preferred member) from the date of the auction will be subject to late collection fees, comprising of a one-time handling fee and a daily late collection fee at the following rates: 

- small items up to and including 60 inches in size: one-time handling fee of $150 per lot, plus a late collection fees of $6 per day per lot; 

- large items greater than 60 inches in size: one-time handling fee of $200 per lot, plus a late collection fee of $10 per day per lot; 

up to a maximum aggregate handling fee of $500 per sale for all item sizes. 

Late collection fees will cease for purchased lots which are shipped through Sotheby's from the date on which we have received a signed quote acceptance from you.

Should you have any additional requirements, such as a preferred carrier or a delivery deadline, please notify Post-Sale Services who will make every effort to accommodate your requests, although additional fees may apply.