Yes, Sotheby's accepts bids from both individuals and organizations. 

If you would like to create an account for your organization, please create an account with Sotheby's as an individual first. Then, our Client Care team will assist you in establishing the account type (Company, Estate, Joints or Trusts) that best applies to your organization. 

Please review the list of required documents and have them at hand when you contact our Client Care team.

Note that a single bidder entity will be associated with the account. Invoices and payments must be made in the name of the registered bidder (whether it be an individual or a third party) after a sale has been concluded.

Company Account:

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Articles of association of the company 
  • Register of directors
  • Register of shareholders
  • Written confirmation from the directors of the company stating the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner(s) of the company
  • Written confirmation from the directors of the company stating the business nature of the company
  • Passport copies of the directors and the ultimate beneficial owner(s)

Trust Account:

  • A Trust Agreement; or 
  • Trust Certificate document

Estate Account:

  • Grant of probate / letters testamentary
  • ID of the person appointed as representative (identified by the probate or letters testamentary).

Joint Account:

  • Government-issued photo ID, which must not be expired
  • Passport (preferable); or
  • National identity card; or
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of address (if no address is shown in any above identifications)